Cetaphin Xr 500 Mg Metformin

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Summery :Cetapin 500 MG Tablet is an effective first choice medicine used to control high blood glucose levels in patients with type II diabetes. Patients are advised to maintain a strict exercise and diet regimen along with this medicine to get the best possible effect. It helps in minimizing the risk of diabetes-associated complications such as blindness, kidney damage, stroke and heart attack.

Product Name :- Cetaphin Xr 500 Mg Metformin
Type Of Medicine :- Brand Name
Contents :- Metformin Xr
Manaufacture By :- Aventis
Authorized By :- Multi-National Company
Power :- 500 Mg
Type :- Tablet Xl
Wrapper Type :- Foil In Box
Package Type :- 150 Tabs

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