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About Pharmacy

If you're looking to purchase medication online, it's important to do your research and find a reputable pharmacy. With so many online pharmacies available, it can be difficult to know which ones are legitimate and safe. That's where Pharmacy Checker Online comes in - a website dedicated to reviewing and verifying online pharmacies.

What is Pharmacy Checker Online?

Pharmacy Checker Online is a review site that provides information and verification on online pharmacies. The site was created to help consumers find safe and affordable medication online by providing a comprehensive database of verified online pharmacies.

How does Pharmacy Checker Online work?

Pharmacy Checker Online uses a rigorous verification process to ensure that the pharmacies listed on the site are safe and legitimate. Each pharmacy is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated based on criteria such as licensing and regulation, medication authenticity, pricing, customer service, and delivery times.
Pharmacies that meet the site's standards are awarded a Pharmacy Checker seal of approval, which is displayed on their website. This seal indicates to consumers that the pharmacy has been thoroughly vetted and is a safe and trustworthy source for medication.
There are Four levels of Certification, Gold, Silver, Bronze and not verified but reviewed by customers.
Gold Level Entails:
We have received and reviewed their Pharmacy License, export license, Business License, and verified their domain is listed under their name and they are not just a dropshipper as well as we have done at minimum one test purchase ourselves. By having their pharmacy license and export license and verified their website domain ownership we can rest assured that the company who operates the web site are the people shipping the product and doing so under a legal license. IE they are not a rogue pharmacy site.
Silver Level Entails:
We have Verified Pharmacy License and export license and one of the following: verified website domain ownership or completed a test purchase. Most cases silver ranking is enough but some drop shippers could still be ranked in silver category.
Bronze Level Entails:
We have verified their pharmacy license or we have done a test purchase. This case is for sites that use a drop shipper and act as middle men and do not operate the actual shipment themselves while not a bad ranking, drop shippers do not actually handle the shipping process of the product and have rarely visited the shipping company.
Not Verified:
This level is listing of pharmacies that have been reviewed but customers but the pharmacy has not submitted to any verification nor have we personally ordered from them as a test.

What are the benefits of using Pharmacy Checker Online?

Using Pharmacy Checker Online has several benefits for consumers looking to purchase medication online. Here are a few of the key benefits:
Verified pharmacies:
Pharmacy Checker Online verifies that the pharmacies listed on the site are legitimate and safe to use, giving consumers peace of mind when making a purchase.
Comparison shopping:
The site allows consumers to compare prices and services among different pharmacies, making it easier to find the best deals and options for their specific needs.
Customer reviews:
The site also features customer reviews and feedback on the pharmacies listed, providing valuable insights into the quality of their products and services.


When it comes to purchasing medication online, safety and reliability are key. Pharmacy Checker Online offers a valuable resource for consumers looking to find safe and affordable medication online. By providing a comprehensive database of verified pharmacies, educational resources, and customer reviews, Pharmacy Checker Online helps consumers make informed decisions about their healthcare. So if you're in the market for online medication, be sure to check out Pharmacy Checker Online to find a safe and trustworthy source.