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Are medications made in Turkey Legitimate?

The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA) is a leading organization in pharmaceutical regulation and is globally recognized for its high standards of pharmaceutical regulation through its membership in The Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). The mission of the PIC/S is to develop strong Good Manufacturing Practices and pharmaceutical standards that are common to countries worldwide. TMMDA is among 52 other health authorities including the United Kingdom and the United States who are members of PIC/S.
Despite the high standards set by TMMDA, the rural and eastern regions of the country are still grappling with the issue of unregistered generic products. verification of licenses is a way to ensure your orders are from legitimate safe Turkish facilities.
In Turkey, drugs must be approved by the Drugs and Pharmacy General Management, a division of the Ministry of Health, which is Turkey's counterpart to the U.S. FDA. The approval process is managed by the Advisory Commission for the Registration of Medicinal Products for Human Use, a Commission of the Ministry's Scientific Advisory Board. This Commission is composed of pharmaceutical research experts, clinicians, a pharmaceutical technologist, a pharmacologist, and a Ministry of Health representative.
In adherence to the Pharmacists and Pharmacies Law, all pharmacies in Turkey are required to meet high standards of pharmacy practice, including having a licensed pharmacist on the premises during hours of operation, safe storage of drugs, and a clean and sanitary dispensing area.
Some pharmacies in Turkey are licensed as exporters and may sell products that are not approved for sale in Turkey. To ensure safe pharmacy practice, verifies the licenses of pharmaceutical wholesalers that supply these pharmacies in Turkey.