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Is LegitScript a governmental agency?

LegitScript is a private company that has been in operation since 2007. The company provides verification services to businesses that sell products and services online. LegitScript is primarily known for its verification services for pharmacies, and it also provides verification services for addiction treatment centers, telemedicine companies, and CBD products.
While LegitScript has become a trusted name in the industry to some, it is important to note that it is a private company and not a government agency or regulatory body. It has no legal power to regulate or enforce laws or regulations. LegitScript is not affiliated with the FDA or any other government agency.
Some critics have accused LegitScript of being too strict in its verification process, making it difficult for legitimate businesses to get verified. Others have criticized LegitScript for charging high fees for its services, which may be a barrier for smaller businesses. Some have also questioned the accuracy and reliability of LegitScript's verification process, as it is not subject to any government oversight or regulation.
It is important for consumers to do their own research and not rely solely on the verification of LegitScript or any other private company. Consumers should always be cautious when purchasing products or services online and verify that the business is legitimate and reputable before making a purchase.
In conclusion, LegitScript is a private company and not a government agency, and has faced severe criticisms of its strict verification process and high fees, its efforts have helped to protect consumers from fraudulent or illegitimate businesses. Consumers should always do their own research and exercise caution when making online purchases.