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Is legitscript legit?

There have been some critical reports and criticisms about Here are a few examples:
LegitScript has been accused of monopolizing the online pharmacy verification market by forcing online pharmacies to pay high fees to be certified by them. Some critics argue that LegitScript's fees are too high and that this has led to the exclusion of many legitimate online pharmacies that cannot afford the cost of certification.
Some online pharmacy owners have accused LegitScript of being biased against them and using its power to unfairly target certain pharmacies while ignoring others. There have been claims that LegitScript often targets non-U.S. pharmacies, which it may consider a risk to U.S. consumers, but not always based on legitimate concerns.
There have also been concerns about the accuracy and transparency of LegitScript's certification process. Some critics argue that the company does not always follow the same verification standards, leading to inconsistencies in the certification process. Additionally, it has been suggested that LegitScript's certification criteria are not always transparent or clearly defined.
LegitScript has also faced criticism for its relationship with big pharmaceutical companies. Critics argue that LegitScript's ties to these companies may lead to a conflict of interest, with the potential to influence the certification process in favor of these companies.
Overall, while might be recognized and respected by some as an online pharmacy verification service, it has faced criticism for its business practices, certification process, and potential conflicts of interest. It is important for consumers to do their own research and consider multiple verification sources before making decisions about online pharmacies.